“How Does My Butt Look in This?” Brazilian Butt Lift 101

“How does my butt look in this?” This may be one of the most cliché-yet true-to-life-phrases used in American pop culture. If it seems as if TV and film have overdone the scenario of the woman (or man) worrying over their rear end in a full-length mirror, it’s only because it’s an issue that people continue to identify with Dr adam najem . One need only look at the most recent statistics from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS): 2009 saw a 37.3% increase in butt augmentation procedures, and a 24.6% increase in butt lifts, from 2008.

When it comes to augmenting the buttock, there are two choices: fat grafting (commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift or implants. When it comes to choosing between these two procedures, many plastic surgeons are beginning to move toward Brazilian butt lifts as their method of choice. What most patients want to know before making their decision, however, is: “Is it permanent?”

When it comes to butt implants, there is no definitive answer; regardless of the skill of the surgeon who placed them, implants sometimes experience complications such as wound break down, infection, fluid accumulation around the implant, and malposition of the implant. When it comes to Brazilian butt lifts, however, the answer is yes-if done properly.

In a Brazilian butt lift, a plastic surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from another area of the body, often the stomach, hips, or thighs. Low-pressure aspiration is utilized for the liposuction, in order to protect the fat cells being removed and to keep them viable. Once removed, the fat is carefully processed, separating the live cells from the other fluids present, then injected into the buttocks in small quantities to contour and enhance them as desired.

Brazilian butt lifts differ from butt implants in that the material used to sculpt and enlarge the buttocks is 100 percent natural-the fat injected comes from your own body. Surgeons have more control over the shaping, because they are working with multiple injections rather than one, solid implant, and the butt feels more natural than it does with implants. The procedure is also less invasive and is less likely to involve complications: With butt implants, the incision made to insert the implant runs the risk of becoming infected, especially when it is made within the fold of the butt cheek.